Wireless LED Lights

With a wide range of high specification wireless LED lighting, Keylight is able to supply Wireless to suit every situation.

AX1 PixelTube

AX5 TriplePAR

AX7 SpotLite

AX3 Lightdrop

Glow Up



Point 30 Flood Light


Pipe & Light

Keylight Wireless LED lights,
ideal for Green Key locations

Light Control

Different ways to control light.

From top brand light controllers, dmx controllers to simple hand controllers for wireless lights (IR and bluetooth App control).

Light Controllers

DMX Transceivers

Wireless Lighting Control

Keylight has dedicated its business to Wireless Event Lighting and Rigging.

Projects, Inspiration & News

AX1 PixelTube

Now for rent at Keylight – Wireless Event Lighting: Astera’s Gold Star product the AX1-PixelTube, that can be mounted to light up…

AX5 Triple PAR

We are very happy with the new addition to our wireless family of our over 200 fixtures, the AX5 TriplePAR from Astera.…

Leiden International Film Festival

Leiden International Film Festival: Great opportunity to wirelessly light the Stadsgehoorzaal from front, inside the Breezaal and both foyers. (30 minute load…

Egidius-Leidse Koorboeken 2015

Egidius 2015; the 6th and last episode of ‘De Leidse Koorboeken’ has been a great success. Beautiful voices in great historical locations…

Keylight Lighting Control on Chrissie Hynde UK tour

Keylight are proudly supplying lighting control to the Chrissie Hynde UK tour dates on her current Stockholm album tour.The Show is designed…


We are Keylight

We are specialized in RENTAL and SALES of WIRELESS LED LIGHTING for every occasion.

We can provide professional wireless LED lighting to instantly bring atmosphere to a venue, inside or outside, rain or shine. Ideal for short events. Less time and less manhours are needed for load-in and load-out and last minute adjustments are no problem. More then 1 day event? The lights can easily be wired. Ideal lamps for Green Key Locations.

With an eye for detail, Keylight welcomes clients’ ideas and concepts, or artists’ impressions, and turns them into technical reality

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